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WOMEN DREAM of many things.... of being beautiful, of a slim well-toned body and of feeling on top of the world.

However, for 90% of women, this dream is marred by the appearance of unsightly dimpled or 'orange peel' skin known as cellulite, on one or other part of their bodies.

Cellulite has become the biggest image concern, second only to the face, for women around the world. It has no regard for our age, shape or size, and even those who work hard at keeping slim through exercise and a balanced diet can fall victim to it.

So what exactly is cellulte and what is its cause?

It is the name given to lumpy irregular deposits of fat, usually found on arms, insides and outsides of thighs, hips and buttocks, that produce the typical 'orange peel' look to skin over the affected area.

The stress from our modern fast-paced lifestyle, combined with inadequate exercise and poor eating habits, can make tremendous inroads into our health.

The main cause of cellulite is the disruption of the relationship between blood vessels and the lymphatic system, so preventing normal removal of toxins from the affected area. This results in the accumulation of excess fluid and fatty deposits sitting in pockets within the connective tissue. The bulging pockets pressing against the tissue create the external ‘orange peel’ effect on the skin.

The aim of anti-cellulite treatment is to stimulate normal function of these systems and improve the relationship between them.


At Beaubelle Beautyclinic, we present you with a wide range of non-invasive cellulite, body shaping and weight loss treatments using both the latest innovative technologies and traditional methods like lymphatic drainage massage, creams and gels, body wrapping, steam, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, algae and herbal preparations.

Although there is no cure for cellulite, we at Beaubelle can help reduce its appearance so that it is less visible. Every woman who comes to us is unique so our trained therapists will tailor-make a programme specific to your needs.

Apart from cellulite reduction and weight loss, our treatments are ideal for stress relief, combating tiredness, relieving muscle fatigue and pure pampering delight!

Naturally, no treatment or program will work unless you dedicate time and effort into attaining your dream. We will offer you support and suggestions for lifestyle changes, good nutrition and exercise regimes, but ultimately, success is attained through determination and self-discipline.