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Body Spray Tan

No more damaging UV rays from the sun, solarium yellowing creams or fake tan.

Just a quick brush and you will be tanned all over.

Beaubelle Beautyclinic introduces the latest technology system using a high-pressure spray, with a special bronzing solution to give an impressive and natural tan.

In fact, the body spray tan is superior to both sun and
solarium exposure.

People today are very health and time conscious and are looking for a quick & safe instant tanning alternative to methods of the past.

Just come in to Beaubelle Beautyclinic and have a spray tan and
out you go. Within 20 minutes you can leave here looking healthy
and tanned!

Spray Tan

Natural looking body tint made from natural sugar cane.


Body scrub removes the top layers of dead skin cells, giving a smoother effect.

Spray Tan

At Beaubelle we only use the best products.

The therapist will discuss with you your needs and decide which colour is best suited.

Our highly trained therapists will spray the tint on to your body.

No streaks, no patches.


Let the body tint dry and off you go.

No showers for at least 2 hours.

The dos and don'ts

Before Spray Tan
  • Exfoliate – for best results have a professional scrub at
    the salon
  • Do not apply moisturiser before the tint
  • Do not wear makeup if you want your face tinted
  • Wear appropriate clothing - loose fitting, dark clothing
  • All waxing should be done 1 day prior to tinting.
After Spray Tan
  • Allow time for complete drying
  • Do not shower for at least 2 hours
  • Avoid sweating and exercise for the day of application
  • Apply moisturiser twice daily after your first shower following the tint
  • Avoid exfoliation, hot or long baths or swims.
How long your Body Spray Tan lasts will depend on your skin type and lifestyle.