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Fine Touches

One of the most popular treatments these days is cosmetic tattooing. After 33 years in the beauty therapy industry, Ken Ken is an expert in the art of cosmetic tattooing.

Eyebrows can be redesigned to suit the individual face structure, as they are the defining part of the face. As you grow older the brows begin to droop, making you look sad and tired. When they are fixed the whole face is 'lifted'.

Permanent Eyeliner also provides definition to the eyes, with no morning fuss: perfect for the busy woman. The lips can be outlined or coloured in, to give fullness, definition and provide a balance for the facial features. Prices depend on the necessary corrections that need to be made, so come in anytime for a free consultation.

We are covered in hair, from head to toe. You can be hair free and have skin that is soft and silky smooth.

Develop the habit of waxing and eventually your skin will have less hair. Whether it’s on your face, chest or legs we provide a quick clean technique with thorough results in a comfortable manner. By choosing waxing or IPL Hair Removal over shaving, you won't experience any more unpleasant looking regrowth, blemishes or ingrown hair.

We provide the best Brazilan bikini wax in Perth! The result is a thoroughly hair-free look that requires a 4–5 week cycle of maintenance, experiences minimum pain and only takes 10 minutes to execute. Be daring by designing your own shape like a path, heart, triangle or a fine landing strip.

Some of the more popular waxing choices are:
  • Full Brazilian
  • Half Brazilian
  • G-string
  • Bikini line